Ethan Lee (李劲汉)
★ Confident ★ Competent ★ Committed ★ Cares ★ 

Every Business Consultant has their area of EXPERTISE and MUST be good with their analysis, while maintaining a 
HIGH STANDARD of professionalism. 

If you engage Ethan’s service, he will offer YOU his most SINCERE, HONEST and EFFICIENT APPROACH, together with his team's effort, aligned with 

Ethan strongly believes in building 
QUALITY LONG TERM relationships with all his clients and his greatest sense of 
ACHIEVEMENT comes from bringing us 
VALUE and being able to grow together with each and every one of them, 
including YOU! 



Call Ethan now for a non obligatory discussion on the 
LATEST market opportunities! 

Let Ethan take care of all your 
Business NEEDS! 

Ethan is ready to SERVE YOU with the RIGHT CHOICE. 
Just a CALL, he will DO the REST 

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Ethan Lee (李劲汉)
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Ethan Lee 李劲汉
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